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7  Questions you  Should Ask

  • Ask to see their current QBSA Licenses - Licenses help to keep out the fly by nighters.
  • Ask to see their current Public Liability Insurance Cover. What if someone is severely injured or your property is damaged? Most house hold insurance doesn't cover this type of claim. Once again YOU may be at risk.
  • Do they Guarantee their work in writing? Verbal guarantees are useless. Do they have a track record and will they be around to honour their guarantee?
  • Do they supply you with a detailed quote outlining all preparation to be undertaken, type of work and materials to be used/applied? Unfortunately the value of a well written proposal is often only understood after a problem develops. It's only what's written down that count. Lack of detail leaves you with no leg to stand on should a dispute arise.
  • What precautions do they take to protect your property? It is important that your property is protected during the work.
  • Ask to see references. Can you see references from satisfied customers?
  • Do they strictly follow and adhere to the Building Code of Australia? Not following these guidelines during any renovations and construction work to your home puts you and your family's safety at jeopardy. It can also cancel out your insurances.